What is the definition of nutrition?

Know about nutrition

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It is the process of obtaining food and its utilization in the body for obtaining energy and body building materials. Food is the carbon-based material substance that is broken down to yield energy, body building materials for growth development, repair and regulatory biochemical.

Functions of Nutrition 

  1. Body Building, Growth and Repair. Food provides materials for synthesis of proteins and other body building materials that are required for maintenance, growth and repair of body.
  2. Energy. Food contains energy in the chemical form. Chemical linkages are broken down to release energy which is trapped in ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The released energy is used in all body functions including maintenance of cellular organisation.
  3. Regulators. Hormones, vitamins and enzymes are products of biochemicals provided by food. They take part in regulating body functions and chemical changes including digestion, anabolism and catabolism.
  4. Development. It is the food which provides raw materials for progressive changes in size, shape and function of the body during the life time of an individual.