Types of Computers

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Types of computers

Computers are classified into four types on the basis of their performance and capacity.


World's fastest supercomputer coming to US, built by Cray and AMD - CNET

Supercomputers have the best processing speed and are also the most expensive. They are considered to be the most powerful computers. They are used for weather forecasting, nuclear energy research, earthquake studies, space research, and so on.


Mainframe computers

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Mainframe computers can also process data at a very high speed and they are also quite expensive. They can be used by more than a hundred users at a time.

Example: IBM Z series.


Types Of Computers, Easy To Learn Types Of Computers

Minicomputers are less advanced as compared to mainframe computers in terms of speed and storage capacity. They are also less expensive than mainframe computers. They are used by small businesses and firms.

Example: PDP-II.


Microcomputers are small, low-cost and single-user digital computer | Desktop Computer or Personal Computer, Laptop , Smart Phones

Microcomputers are small in size and less expensive. They are also called personal computers as they are designed for personal use. Microcomputers are specially designed for general use like entertainment, education, and office work. Some manufacturers of microcomputers are Dell, Apple, HP, and IBM. Microcomputers are of various types.