Relationship of biology with other sciences

Relationship of biology with other sciences:

Biology is a multidimensional subject and linked with other sciences. For example, the movement of animals follows the laws of motion in physics. Biology is considered as interdisciplinary science, which is related with other sciences.

Some of these are mentioned below:


It is a branch of physics, in which laws and techniques of physics are applied to explain the processes of life. The radiophysics branch where radioactive isotopes are used to trace the translocation of different materials within the organisms. Radio-labeling and carbon-dating also show some uses of radioactive isotopes in determining the age of fossils, uses of sound waves as ultrasound and laser technology show relation of physics with biology.


The branch of mathematics, which collects data of living organisms. It plays very important role in research.


It is branch of biology, which deals with the study of molecules which form living organisms or cell and requires authentic knowledge about biology and chemistry to explain the synthesis of biomolecules and function of different molecules in the body of an organism.


It deals with the distribution of different living organisms in different geographical regions of the world. Many living organisms are restricted to particular geographical regions due to environmental conditions.


This deals with the economically important organisms involved in production, e.g meat production, etc. are calculated for cost value and profit value.