Meaning of Octet

Meaning of Octet:  A group of eight binary digits treated as an entry.

Meaning of Octal Number System

Meaning of Octal Number System:  A number system with the base 8, i.e., each position to the left increases by a power of 8.This system use eight digit 0 -7.

Meaning of Octal Notation

Meaning of Octal Notation:  A notation using base 8, i.e., notation in Octal (means 8) Number System, e.g., 20 can be represent as 22 in Octal 2*81 + 2*80 = …

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Meaning of OCR Font

Meaning of OCR Font:  A set of characters which are designed to be read by optical character recognition.

Meaning of OCR

Meaning of OCR:  (optical character recognition) A system used to input information to a computer by scanning the letters and number in printed, typed, or handwritten using OCR reader. The …

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