How to Align Data in MS Excel


Aligning Data in Excel Aligning data means changing the direction or position of the data. The data inside a cell can be aligned using options available in the Alignment group …

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How to Format Cells in MS Excel

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Formatting cells How to Format Cells in MS Excel Excel gives various formatting options for the cells. You have already learnt the formatting of data. There are many other formatting …

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What is An Operating System

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An operating system gives the computer the ability to interact with the user. It manages computer’s memory, controls hardware and software and helps the CPU in processing. DOS, Windows, Linux …

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Types of Computers

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Types of computers Computers are classified into four types on the basis of their performance and capacity. Supercomputers Supercomputers have the best processing speed and are also the most expensive. …

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Generations of Computers  


Image Source Generations of Computers   The computer has evolved from a large-sized simple calculating machine to a smaller but much more powerful machine. Computers are classified into five generations. …

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