What is Holozoic Nutrition

Holozoic Nutrition (Ingestive Nutrition).

Solid pieces of food are taken in. They are digested inside the body. Herbivores feed on plants. Carnivores prey upon other animals including herbivores.


Holozoic nutrition is the process of nutrition that takes place in organisms that take solid or liquid food inside their body. Amoeba follows holozoic nutrition.

Differences between Photosynthetic and Holozoic Nutrition

Photosynthetic NutritionHolozoic Nutrition
1. Occurrence. It occurs in green plants, cyanobacteria, some bacteria, and protistans.

2. Nutrients. Inorganic raw materials and other nutrients are taken from outside.

3. Synthesis. There is a synthesis of food from inorganic raw materials with the help of sunlight in chlorophyll containing cells.

1. It occurs in animals and protozoan protists,

2. Readymade food is taken from outside.

3. The food obtained from outside is digested, absorbed and assimilated.