Different Names Of India

India has been referred with different names since Ancient Times.


India: This name is taken from the French word ‘Inde’. The Greek traveller, ‘Megasthenes’ called this land ‘Indica, from where the word ‘India’ has been derived.

Hindustan : It basically means, a place where Hindus live. The word ‘Hindu’ ismderived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu’ which means River Indus. It was pronounced ‘Hindu’ in Persian.

Bharat Varsha or Bharat: It had been derived from the name of ‘Bharata’, who was the son of Dushyanta and Shakuntala mentioned in the Epic Mahabharata.

Jambudvipa : It means land of Jamun trees.

Nabhivarsha: It was named after ‘Nabhiraja’ son of ‘Agnidhara’ the ruler of India.