Meaning of Zoom

Meaning of Zoom:  Enlarging the size of the image from its original size.

Meaning of Zone Digit

Meaning of Zone Digit:  The numerical key to a section of a code, e.g., where a hole was punched in the X-position of a column of a punched card it …

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Meaning of Zone

Meaning of Zone:  Punched card codes, an binary codes have zone positions which enable the same set of numeric bits to be used repeatedly with different combinations of zone bits, …

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Meaning of Zero Suppression

Meaning of Zero Suppression:  An editing function which eliminates non-significant zeros (those to the left of significant digits) before reports are printed, e.g., the number 000002345 would be printed as …

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Meaning of Zero Level Address

Meaning of Zero Level Address:  The instruction code in which the address part of the instruction has been the operand.

Meaning of Zero Flag

Meaning of Zero Flag:  An indicator that is set to a logic conditions, all zeroes in its all positions.