Ahom Tribe boy and girl

The history of the Gonds was different from that of the Ahoms in the following ways. Gonds Gonds are sometimes referred by their tribal dialect, Gondi. They practice shifting cultivation. …

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Means of Communication

transportation system essay topic

Communicating or Communication with anybody in this world has become so easy and fast. Man’s knowledge has helped him to make great advancement in science and technology. In the last …

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What is Respiration

Respiration is a multistep enzymatic breakdown of organic compounds like glucose that releases small packets of energy at various steps. Glucose that is commonly broken down in respiration is called …

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foreign invaders in india

The Ghaznavids (1000 CE-1200 CE) The Ghaznavid dynasty came from King Sabuktagin. He was originally a Turkish ruler who invaded Ghazni (in present-day Afghanistan). He was succeeded by his son …

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Different Names Of India


India has been referred with different names since Ancient Times. India: This name is taken from the French word ‘Inde’. The Greek traveller, ‘Megasthenes’ called this land ‘Indica, from where …

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The Gurjara-Pratiharas (700 CE-1100 CE)

The Gurjara-Pratiharas (700 CE-1100 CE) The Gurjara-Pratiharas established the state of Marwar in Rajasthan and gained prominence during the rule of Nagabhata (750 CE 780 CE). He extended the empire …

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